It’s been a long time between posts! Hola out there!

I’m now back in Melbourne, enjoying reconnecting with my birth city and getting into the flow of a new job working with change agents who want to implement sustainability programs within their organisation. After an incredible year studying my Masters in Sweden, looking both at the global challenges of unsustainability and learning about a strategic approach to organisational sustainability, I’m having a go at change at the individual and organisational level. While I sometimes doubt that working organisation-by-organisation will be enough to meet the challenges we’re facing in time, it’s a scale I feel I can do-ably work at for the next few years.

As well as the joys of coming back to old friends, an usually green and wet Melbourne and the beginnings of summer, there’s also a quiet buzz in the air back in the south and I’m enjoying seeing new projects emerge in the social entrepreneurship and sustainability space.

Here’s some of my latest crushes in Melbourne, fantastic projects that have started during my year away:

The newly launched Hub Melbourne, an amazing working space for social entrepreneurs and socially-focused business ventures

Awesome Foundation Melbourne, forwarding the interest of Awesome into the Melbourne universe, strings free $1,000 at a time, every month from February 2011

The first-ever TEDxMelbourne, focusing on young people

Kinfolk Cafe, a not for profit cafe that donates shares of its profit according to how customers distribute coffee beans between different labelled jars.

Our Say, an engaging online platform where citizens ask the questions and the politicians, and business and community leaders, answer.

Now that I’m all set up in my new home office I’m looking forward to connecting outwards here more often, and committing ideas and inspiration to the virtual page!

The old and the new mix it up on the streets of Melbourne